Monday, April 25, 2011


Dear Friends...Welcome to the Laughter Factor.

I started this blog to encourage you to spread a little joy and laughter from your own experiences. There are too many times when we wished we could've done something to help another or even ourselves. When my father was ill, the hardest moments were made that much easier for all if we could share a good laugh together. When my best friend's husband passed away, I was desperate to find ways to help my friend through her grief. I yearned for silly summer days as kids when all I had to do was make a funny face or make fun of myself to make her laugh until her tummy was sore and her eyes teared with joy. I encourage you to spend a few moments to think of something funny that's happened to you and share it on this blog. While some may read this blog as a fun diversion, others may find the wisdom in another's humourous story or connect to another kindred soul with a similar experience. Here's to more laughter, love and healing. Enjoy!

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